BKYNYC MUSIC: Music Born in Brooklyn, Reaching the World


BKYNYC MUSIC is an independent American record label nestled in the heart of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. We're more than just a label; we're a community fostering a unique blend of soulful music that combines the energy of Hip-Hop & R&B with a tapestry of influences ranging from Jazz and Blues to classical and beyond.

Our Artists:

    • BROOKLYNYC: Immerse yourself in the instrumental soundscapes of BROOKLYNYC, where lo-fi beats meet the soul of Brooklyn streets.
    • Lofi Homegirl: Chill out and unwind with the smooth, soulful lofi hip-hop creations of Lofi Homegirl.
    • And More to Come: We're constantly on the lookout for fresh talent that embodies the BKYNYC spirit. Stay tuned for exciting new artists joining our roster!

Unwind, Explore, Discover:

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BKYNYC MUSIC: Where independent beats meet the Brooklyn heartbeat.